Hi, I’m Brittany Laughlin

I’m a traveler, optimist and a geek. I am the General Manager of the Union Square Ventures Network, where I get to work with all of the people who are building the future of the internet.

Outside of USV, I spend my time building Inclinehq.com to help military veterans transition into technology jobs. Want to help? Get in touch!

Previously, I co-founded gtrot - (the best) local discovery tool (now pivoted to rang.com) Sharpened my Ruby on Rails skills at the inaugural Starter League class in Chicago. Spent time understanding the viability of algae based biofuel with a team at M.I.T. Saw the world through a camera lens filming a few short documentaries. And helped launched two new products at American Express OPEN.

I believe half the fun of living on this planet is seeing what it’s like to live in different places on it. So far I’ve been to 7 continents, 41 countries, and 41 states (and counting). 

I’m always up for meeting new people or hearing new ideas so say hello @br_ttany.

I give talks on entrepreneurship, venture capital, community building and travel. Find more around the web:

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