Here is an idea, let’s make education a core value of our nation again. Instead of massive bureaucratic and wasteful government programs, we need to get hyperlocal with education. Instead of expecting things to come to us, let’s learn to forge our own paths again. Instead of filling our minds with junk, let’s fill our minds with knowledge and apply that knowledge with our hands. The need and desire to learn needs to be internalized and driven by the individual. We need to become the “University of You” and value education again. This value is not in terms of test scores or graduation rates or relevancy towards a career path. Rather it is the foundation for elevating our minds and equipping us with the tools to succeed in an increasingly complex world.

Strong Opinions @marksbirch

Great post by Mark. There is no easy path. I think people have mistaken “school” for “education”. And “attending” for “learning”. Through the use of the public library and the internet, we can learn anything. You do not need a class, a school or a teacher.

You, free resources, hard work and practice can become whatever you want. There are no excuses for Americans especially. The world’s information is available, most of it for free, what are you going to do with it?